Nikolaos A. LALIOTIS, Iordanis G. PETRAKIS, Chrysanthos K. CHRYSANTHOU, Panayiotis A. KONSTANDINIDIS


We report the case of an aggressive aneurysmal bone cyst, in a 7-year-old girl, crossing the middle of the growth plate and extending into the epiphysis. Plain radiographs, bone scan and MRI were the imaging methods that were used to reach the diagnosis and to rule out other aggressive bone lesions that invade into the epiphysis. The aneurysmal bone cyst was operatively treated with curettage, while preserving both the periosteum and the growth plate. Upon her latest follow-up visit, 3 years postoperatively, the radiographic and clinical examination of the patient yielded satisfactory results, without signs of recurrence and severe growth disturbances.


Aneurysmal bone cyst, Benign bone tumor, Children, Growth plate

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