Dr. Uma Sahoo, Dr. Poorav Desai


COPD is the chronic obstructive lungs disease (GOLD), it has to include emphysema and chronic bronchitis, mainly the narrowing the airways, loss of elasticity of the lungs parenchyma so the air in and out to become very difficult, It more commonly affected older adult and old age in between   44-65 years, people mortality rate is higher than the healthy persons, commonly those persons are affected who a have history of smoking, exposure to dust and air pollution, it is very less reversible, men are mostly affected than the women. The Mortality rate is higher than the asthma. Simple Spirometry, FEV1 and FEV1/FVC ratio is used for diagnosis of COPD, if the spirometry is not possible than diagnosed by the symptoms. Review of some manuscript they have use of homoeopathy medicine on COPD patients according to symptomatology, found good result in the homoeopathic medicine. So, focus in my review further use of homeopathic medicine on COPD cases helps to prevention complication and cost benefit treatment than the conventional medicine.



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