Dr. Neha Kelaskar, Dr. Zenisha Deepak Gada, Dr. Hiral Shailesh Rajput, Dr. Megha Manish Sheth


Background- The WHO has identified India as one of the nations that is going to have most lifestyle disorders in the near future. In India, the rapid economic development and increasing westernization of lifestyle in the past few decades and prevalence of obesity has reached alarming promotions among Indians.

Objective-. To study correlation between physical activity level and Body Mass Index.

Study Design- A cross sectional study design. 

Methods-: Sixty children fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were allowed to participate in the study. Parental consent and assent was taken from children. Height and weight were measured using standardized inch tape and digital weighing machine to calculate BMI.  Physical Activity Questionnaire (PAQ-C) scores were noted. The data was analysed using Karl Pearson Coefficient Correlation to correlate between PAQ-C scores and BMI scores.

Result – Participants shows high scores in  physical activity level and low ( underweight =less than 18.5 BMI) weight status score in BMI.  Data analysis indicated no correlation between the physical activity and the body mass index.

Conclusion – The study concluded that physical activity level and BMI are weakly associated and show negative correlation.


BMI, Physical Activity, Occupational Therapy, Obesity.

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