Gamareldin E. Eltayb, Fahad A. Mohamed, Malaz M. Ahmed, Rowida B. Mehassi


The study aimed to evaluate the CT findings in patients with paranasal sinus pathologies in two planes. Descriptive, cross sectional study design has been used, conducted on 45 patients (from September 2018 to May 2019), at Prince Saud Bin Jalawy hospital. Both male and female patients of different age groups from 12 to 60 years old with clinically suspected PNS diseases were enrolled for the study. Both axial and coronal images were acquired using multi-detector CT unit. The paranasal sinuses were evaluated for: mucosal thickening, nasal polyposis, chorionic sinusitis, acute sinusitis, fungal and pattern of bony involvement. There was a male predominance of 62% as compared to females 38%. Most common pattern of involvement was chronic sinusitis (31.2%) followed by polyposis (26.9%), mucosal thickening (22.8%), acute sinusitis (11.8%), fungal sinusitis (7.5%) and bone erosion (4.2%). Maxillary sinus was the most commonly involved sinus (39.9%) followed by frontal sinus (29%), sphenoid sinus (16.7. %) and ethmoid sinus (14.5%).  The study concluded that the two image planes were performed together and used as an essential technique in diagnosing of pathological change of PNS.


Axial view, computed tomography, coronal view, paranasal sinuses, paranasal sinuses diseases

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