Subhasish Pati, Joyshree Panda, Rajesh Pramanik


Introduction: Adhesive capsulitis is one of the major causes of restriction of movement and pain in shoulder joint. Over the years the efficacy of steroid injections to relieve pain and improve range of motion was well established. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has few more properties in management of same and hence the study aims to show PRP as an alternative to steroids.

Aim: To look for improvement in VAS, Range of Motion and SPADI due to PRP and steroids and to compare their efficacies.

Materials and method: Two groups of Patients with adhesive capsulitis of shoulder were randomly selected. Group A (n=20) was injected with PRP and Group B (n=20) with methyl Prednisolone in aseptic technique after verbal consent. Assessment was done before the block then after 1st week, 4th week and 3months after the block.

Results: Statistically significant improvement was seen in both the groups with long term   improvement better with PRP.

Conclusion: Although steroid showed better results in immediate reduction of pain compared to PRP but in long term follow up PRP was superior.


Adhesive capsulitis, Intra- articular injection,PRP, Steroid.

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