Dr. Yogesh Badwe, Dr. Kiran Maindale, Dr. Sandesh Khobragade


The branchial arches are the embryological precursors of the face, neck and pharynx. During development of branchial arches anomalies can occur congenitally. The anomalies of the branchial arches are Second most common congenital lesions of the head and neck in children. Clinically, these congenital anomalies may present as cysts, fistulae, sinus tracts, with typical clinical and radiological findings. We report the case of 18 yr old female patient with congenital Type 2 Second branchial fistula on the left side of was managed by surgical excision of fistula track.


Branchial cleft anamolies, Branchial fistula, Branchial apparatus, Congenital cervical lesions.

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