Sandeep Prakash, Gulab Chandra, Anita Verma


BACKGROUND: India is a country where very rich culture, folk medicine and nature go hand in hand. Nature has been a source of medicinal
agents for thousands of years and an Impressive number of modern drugs have been isolated from natural resources. Tridax procumbens Linn. is a
spreading herb found throughout India and has antiviral, antioxidant,antibiotics efcacies, wound healing activity, insecticidal and antiin
ammatory activity.
OBJECTIVE: The objective is to evaluate analgesic activity of Tridax procumbens.
METHODS: The alcoholic extract was prepared by using Soxlet apparatus. 3 groups of Rats were divided as Normal group, Control and Test
group and various concentration of test drug was tested on hotplate & Tail immersion in hot water method.
RESULTS: Tridax procumbens in Swiss albino mice. Tridax procumbens 's ethanolic leaf extract. At 200 and 400 mg/kg, it showed substantial
analgesic efcacy. Hydrocodone, a common analgesic, has similar analgesic effects. The highest analgesic efcacy of 400 mg/kg at response time
120 minutes (7.2±0.44). Due to tail immersion in hot water, there had been a considerable decrease in pain complete sense. Tridax procumbens
highest inhibitory action. At 120 minutes after the 400 mg/kg dose, there was a signicant difference (p <0.01). The plant extract's highest
antinociceptive characteristics (7.5±0.39) were not as efcient as Hydrocodone, 3 mg/kg (9.7 ±00.06).
CONCLUSION: Tridax procumbens showed analgesic activity in my study.


Tridax procumbens Linn., pharmacological activities, herbs.

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