Ioannis Vlachos, Ioannis Kandarakis, Giorgos Panayiotakis


Radiation protection for personnel working with X-rays is of vital importance. Several studies have been published regarding the secondary radiation and the shielding requirements to areas that are adjacent to the X-ray units. In this work, secondary radiation in a conventional radiographic room, in terms of dose rate (mSv/hr), as a function of different radiographic exposure factors has been studied. The measurements were performed with a 451P Fluke Biomedical survey meter on a Philips Medio 65 CP-H X-ray generator with a cylindrical water phantom. It was found that the dose rate from the scatter radiation decreases with distance. An added filtration of 2.0 mmAl at 100 kVp reduced the secondary dose rate further by 21.4%. The results of this study may be of value during exposure of personnel that are not protected by shielding materials.


  • It was found that the dose rate from the scatter radiation decreases with distance. An added filtration of 2.0 mmAl at 100 kVp reduced the secondary dose rate further by 21.4%.
  • The mean secondary X-ray energies for 60, 80, 100 and 100 kV with 2 mmAl added, were calculated as 34.41, 51.12, 69.03 and 71.29 keV respectively.
  • The results of this study are of value during exposure of people such as radiographers, and patients during the use of mobile X-ray units.


Scatter Radiation, Dose mapping, Radiation protection

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